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Out in the hot sun but still a glowing skin! People might think it’s impossible.

But ZI clinic makes it a happening possibility!

Men and women get exposed to high intensity sunlight which leads to pigmentation on their face, upper chest and the back of their hands

Pigmentation leads to an uneven skin tone which makes one look old and dull.

ZI clinic brings forth a solution for this in the form of treatments, to make our clients look youthful with a glowing skin!

Different pigments existing at different skin depths include

  • Blemishes like solar Lentigines (liver spots or age spots),
  • Freckles,
  • Melasma and Ephelides,
  • Naevus of Ota,
  • Naevus of Ito and
  • congenital dermal Melanocytosis (Mongolian spot).

Different pigments can be treated using different treatments

  • Chemical Peels
  • Laser Pigment reduction
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Picoway Toning

An outright solution for this is a range of medical lasers that target and destroy unwanted pigments resulting in a fair and even skin tone, and glowing skin that is healthier and younger.

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